Saturday, September 23, 2017

Neon Lightning

Got myself another pair of thigh high boots and this time it is striking neon alright! :D

ASOS thigh high boots

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Juggle Juggle Wiggle Wiggle

Many of my friends ask me, "how do you do it?", all this living abroad with a toddler and a newborn baby, taking care of the house while also maintaining my businesses and still updating my social media platforms and also, still dressing up taking #OOTD shots, and honestly, I don't know! I don't really think about it, you see. I just do it because I have to and I want to. But I guess, it all comes to planning things right and using the amount of time to do whatever I can do and not fall into my exhaustion, because if I do, I'll just prefer to sleep. I use every minute I have to actually do something. Nowadays, Daria is always about wanting to be fed or simply be on my chest, so I really have little time to do anything with free hands. So when she's calm and not crying, I quickly soap the dishes. And in 5 minutes, she'll cry, so I stop and feed her again a little bit more. When she's calm again, I'll immediately rinse the dishes, put them back in the cabinet, run to get all the dirty clothes and put them inside the washing machine, and I'll quickly get back to Daria because I know she's already about to cry heheh. So I feed her again, and while I'm at it, I'll be staring at my closet planning what to wear today for my #OOTD shot and visualize inside my head all the details from head to toe. When she eventually falls asleep, I'll quickly dress up accordingly, take pics using my tripod, then breathe a bit, eat some chocolates, then attend to her again because she's crying already heheh. And it just goes on and on, doing every single thing in installments with long breaks, but I just do it anyway. I also do most of the things with one hand nowadays, I eat, tidy up the house and work on my laptop using my right hand only because my left hand is always holding Daria. So doing things take longer (and tougher), but that's just the way it is. So I guess, that's how I do it. I just sort of plan ahead, and by "ahead", I'm talking about 5-10 minutes ahead..:D

Sunday, September 17, 2017


When things aren't working out, maybe it's because we are thinking too small. What if, we are meant for something bigger?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Furry Neck

House of Holland coat, ASOS leather skirt and faux fur shawl, Chanel bag, Moschino boots

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

About Entrepreneurship

When I was a kid, I never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Perhaps I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur is because no one in the big family was one. I once wanted to become a gymnast, a ballerina, then an economist, a doctor, and eventually wanted to become a graphic designer. But none of that happened. I ended up becoming a Quantitative Market Researcher, analyzing statistics. Whaaaat? :D

Long story short, in between my studies and work at that time, I would spend a whole lot of time blogging. Blog was my medium of expression where I share about life, art, fashion, things I love. Blogging made me have new friends outside my study and work environment, and that’s when I started becoming friends with entrepreneurs. I would hang out with them after office, follow them to their home office on the weekends, listen to their stories, and boy was I really inspired by them. That’s when I realized when I wanted to become one as well. I too, wanted to be an entrepreneur just like them. I fell in love with the idea of being your own boss and creating something from nothing. I wanted to create my own brand. And today, I run two fashion brands, Up and Schmiley Mo. Alhamdulillah! :)

Ever since I became an entrepreneur, I never looked back. I think it was one of the best decisions in my life. Just to make it fair though, I did love my previous jobs, I enjoyed the corporate world, but I guess, running my own business is just more of my thing. I feel more liberated, I feel more creative, I feel some sort of crazy energy whenever I launch something awesome, and I feel proud because everything is from my own hands. I love being an entrepreneur because I get to decide what I want to do, how I want to do, and how I can bring an impact to the society.

But of course it’s not all smooth sailing. The journey is extremely tough full of ups and downs and new competition coming in your way every single day. From a production side, I had to deal with having all my workers quit leaving me with no one but myself scouting for new workers from city to city. I was betrayed by a supplier that suddenly just decided to stop producing for me because of some unclear reasons making the supply chain disrupted. I’ve had competitors tweeting fake testimonials about how bad my products were. Today, everyone owns a brand, making the market so saturated that it’s really hard to keep yourself on top of others, hence the need to keep innovating. And the list goes on. Sigh. Being an entrepreneur requires us to be extremely strong, focused, and willing to get back up again and again because we will fall so many times.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if you think it’s your thing, go for it! Don’t be scared of even trying because as long as you plan things right and work hard enough, your business will work out just fine. My simple tips for starting a business:
  1. Run a business that connects to you personally. Don’t start something merely because it’s trending. When you sincerely love what you’re working on, you will have more energy and not quit so easily when things get tough. 
  2. Start small, grow steadily, don’t be overly ambitious. Those who rise faster (usually) fall faster. Be patient in taking little steps that will make you last in the longer run.
  3. Always be hungry for new knowledge. Never think you’ve known everything. Equip yourself with new information, new tools, new methods and new ways of thinking every day.
  4. Be current. If today’s world requires businesses to be extremely active on social media, then please do! If technology is no longer separable, then integrate your business with new technology that is relevant to you and your customers.
I may be talking so much now, but I am definitely no pro. I’ve only been in the industry for 6 years and I still got A LOT to learn. If you’re keen on learning more about entrepreneurship, you might wanna attend the Indonesia Knowledge Forum (IKF) 2017 event because there will be a lot of sharing sessions that is definitely gonna be very useful and valuable for you and your business. Some inspiring figures that will be speaking in the event are Faisal Basri, Ashraf Sinclair (Ventura Partner), Hans Prawira (CEO PT SumberAlfariaTrijaya), Adrian Gunadi (Co-Founder & Chairman (CEO) Investree) and many others. You can get an early bird ticket to this event starting from 1 – 31 August 2017 from the website for Rp.3.500.000 only.

Fellow entrepreneurs, I wish you the best always! Stay hungy, stay foolish! :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

No Hike No Like

Now that I'm back to feeling fit post-delivery, I proposed an idea to my hubby that we as a family should go hiking together every Sunday, and of course he loved it. So here's our first experience starting with the easiest one going to Creux du Van. Shahmeer was soooo happy! :)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Rainy Days

Summer is officially gone, cold days have come. I'm not really into cold weather buuuut I get to wear my coats again and that gets me excited! :D

Zara long outerwear, Loewe puzzle bag, Miu Miu shoes

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer Girl

My Daria is 1 month 3 days old today. She was born at 2.8 kg and today she weighs 3.95 kg.

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